I'll start with the beginning. My mother comes from a big family, there are 3 girls and 3 boys, yes, my mother has 5 brothers. The biggest is Aunt Olivia,I  think  she's 54 years old, and for me she's a model in life. She was the first to go to high school to settle there. Found a job, married with a commander. Aunt Olivia made two children, a girl and a boy. She found a stable job and gave the children a very good life for those times.The girl........ name is  Daniela  and the boy........... name is  Ivan. After completing her high school, Daniela decided she wanted to be in the field, a coup, when she was young, so she applied it and took it. On the other hand, Ivan was passionate about everything that means technology, IT and the rest.
                      [in paragraful trebuie sa schimbi timpul verbal, de la prezent la trecut - sa fie la fel in tot textul] Ivan receives a scholarship , after completing his studies, he moves with his wife in Sibiu and establishes a family. When his daughter, Ana,  ......................? who had been six months old then, he find out that his brain cancer had extensive, he had done three surgeries, but he did not spend much time until he died.My aunt Olivia suffered the same as Daniela, his sister, a terrible experience. After this tragic incident, Daniela gave birth to her first child and decided with her husband to move to a home away from the world and so they did. Now Daniela has 3 sons and she is very happy. ........ Has a healthy lifestyle, eat...... only what they cultivate in the garden or buy from the farmers. .............. Recycle and like to travel a lot with her family through exotic places!
                      In her career she has evolved very much and has reached the highest degree in her position and loves her husband very much!
                           I appreciate my aunt Olivia for all the effort she has done for her children and the way she has grown up they re children, but I can say that, my model in life is Daniela who has a wonderful life because she has done it this way! I would like one day to be able to put things together and to form a nice lifestyle!

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