It is difficult to talk about a place which is disgusting for me, but disgusting can be people's character and behavior.
   Such unpleasant people are the members of the Romanian Parliament,they promise to get prosperity,health, security to their nation, but it is just promises. Most Romanian politicians follow their own interests and think about themselves. They forget about duty ,love,patriotism for their country.As the result we face a situation when such a beautiful country with nice inhabitants turned out to be a playing tool for some despicable politicians. Their attitude, greed, absence of morality, the verbal agression - all these things make me feel disgust.
   Only in Romania the politicians get such high salaries which can afford them to buy 3 houses per year and simple people can not buy healthy food for their families.In Romania the smuggling people steal hundreds of square metres of trees and politicians close their eyes on it. Bureaucracy is prospering like nowhere.
   These facts make our country an inefficient and weak state. It takes a while until real changes will come in our country and we will be a prosperous and flourishing country with honest and devoted people; until that time the Romanian Parliament gives me the feeling of disgust.

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