Dear diary,

I think time is one of the most important and  one of the most valuable thing in the world. That's why I think we need to be more careful not to waste it.
One of the biggest loss of time is looking for things we misplaced like phone, keys, or going back to check that you did something like locking locked the door, turning turned off the iron.
After all of those this daily little problems, waiting in the bus station of my city, day by day, I realised that the most wasted precious time of my life, i lose loose exactly in those that places.
Calculating myself every lost minutes/days time together with other angry people waiting, like me, for a bus, in Iasi city, I discovered that I missed many full-days of my life.
Waiting for my bus in this city is a destroying destroing waste of time in our civilization civil......ation.

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