It all started as an ordinary day.I woke up,I did my morning routine,and then I came back in my bed.I did for like 4 hours until 1PM.At that moment,everything changed.Suddenly,my mom shouted from her bedrom:Hey,can you come over here?When I heard that,I got out from my lovely bed,and I went slowly to her room.I asked my mom what did she to do and she told me to go at the store to buy some green apples for an apple pie.When she told me this,I was excited and sad at the same time,expcited because i was going to eat an excellent apple pie made by my mom and sad because I had to go to the store to buy the apples.I got dressed up and I went to the store.I looked for the apples and I found them,but becasuse I wasn't paying atention to mom,I got red apples.I completely forgot that mom's recipe contains only green apples.I came back home and then I realized that.Luckily,my mom made an amazing pie with those red apples.But I'm considering myself a fool because I forgot mom's recipe.

mult prea scurt

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