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A day at home

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What a wonderful morning to stay in home. My mom left the city to take care of some things, and since my father was at my uncle's house to help him with some work I was given the duty to take care of my little brother.
I woke up at around 8, since it was weekend and I could sleep in with no consequences. My brother was still asleep so I decided to spend some time on my phone, so as to not wake him up. He too woke up at around 9 and spent the next hour watching TV. After that, I got him some metballs mom made the other day to eat. I made sure to keep them in the microwave some extra time isnce he likes his food hot. I, too, ate some meatballs with him, but I decided to not heat them up. I knew they would be better if they were hot, but I wasn't in the mood to wait for the microwave oven to do its work.
After we bothe ate we spent some time playing together. For some time we played in our parents' bedroom, with him pretending to be a ghost, and then he decided it was a good idea to jump on my back and have me carry him. I did so, but only until we got to the living room, where I let him down on the coach. He jumped off the coach and started to wave his hands while roaring and blowing air. He said that he was a dragon. I laughed and picked him up and spinned him around, saying that a ragon needed to know how to fly. we stopped a shortly after, because I got exhausted from carrying him. After a break of about half an hour in which we both stayed on the couch, I got him to write in one of his notebooks, since mom said that he needed to learn how to do it. I stayed next to him, supervising what he was doing and telling him what letters he was writing.
We did that until we got to the letter "F", when I thought that it was enough for today, telling him the whole alphabet won't help if he can't remember the first letter, after all.
After it was mostly quiet, with my brother watching some cartoons and me staying on my phone, until mom arrived and we went to greet her.
I would go first, so I could unlock the door and let her enter, and then, after hearing her voice, my brother would come running and exclaiming "mama!" while trying to hug her. It was like that every time she left.
After mom let her bags down and took off her jacket and shoes she went in the balcony to smoke and, sometimes, have a coffee. I went in after her and we talked for a few minutes, until she was done.
After that I spent the rest of my day reading, and went to bed around 11 pm.



That sounds really fun!! Taking care of a child can be a hassle, but it looks like you and your brother get along very well. I liked the fact that you described precisely the time you spent with him, but it felt like the ending was too rash. I hope next time you will manage to balance the ending and the rest of your writing so they are not extremely different. Besides that, I donít know, the whole piece looks pretty good. Try to avoid repeating words, and everything should be alright.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A day at home