Dear diary,

This weekend was very frustrating. It all started on Wednesday when I heard about some presentation, it was not very clear whether it was going to happen or not but the idea was fabulous. I kept thinking about it: if I wanted to go and what kind of project I would do if I went. Not to mention the fact that I can not speak in public. On Friday, this project was finally mentioned by one of my teachers. We all were very keen on it. He said we had to write about anything we were interested in and make a whole presentation about it. When I heard about it, I suddenly thought about a topic I am very interested in: dreams. As soon as I got home I told my mother about this thing happening on Sunday and my ideas about it, I was incredibly excited even if I did not have much time to do it. No matter how much I loved this project, my fear of speaking in public was a big problem for me. I had to get over it.
On Saturday morning I began looking for some information about the topic I ............. chose..... . I had been working for that presentation for hours. I googled things, I read some in the books I had in my library, I did the best I could in the amount of time I had, not to say that I went shopping for all the materials I needed for the perfect presentation ever. I even searched for tips on how to speak in front of people, clearly I was very stressed. I wanted to go to bed early that night, but i could not. I fell asleep at around 1am and woke up at 8am. The presentation was at 4pm and I was ready for it. it was like all my emotions ........ vanished into thin air, I felt no stress. Suddenly, at around 11am I got a phone call from one of my classmates. She said she ......... got a message form the teacher about the presentation. It was cancelled and I did not know exactly why. When I found out about it I was disappointed and kind of angry because I have worked very much to make it perfect and all of a sudden it got cancelled.
I think I will wait for the next opportunity to use it. It was clearly a waste of time and effort.

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