When I was in fifth or sixth grade I remember going out with some classmates and walking all the way to the train station, which was around 2 kilometers away from the center area of the town. We did this not because we needed to go there, but because we found it fun for some reason. Walking there took around 30 minutes, 30 minutes in which we could just talk to each other.
One day, we decided to take a turn to the right around halfway through the route. It wasn't somewhere I've had been before, but the classmate that came ........ up with the idea assured us that it was alright. The road for cars was completly made out of dirt, it wasn't even covered in pebbles like in so many country areas. After 5 minutes of walking there were no houses in sight, and the terrain looked like it was only for farming.
I was very confused as to what we were doing there, after all there was no civilization, and the closest thing we got to another human being was a cow that we saw shortly after leaving the lived living area. It was also very hot outside, it being summer and all, and this didn't sit well with me, since I didn't bring any water, since I thought I could just buy some from a shop when we got to the train station. Finally, we arrived to where our classmate wanted to bring us.
It was a hill. It was small and near the road, with grass tall enough to touch our knees. It standed stood out as the only pieced piece of land that wasn't hoed.
I didn't know what to think. Sure, it looked nice, with its purple and white flowers growing randomly on it, and it was too far from the main road for us to be bothered by cars, besides the occasional ones for which this road was made.
All in all it was a really nice place. But it had no trees. That fact alone bummed me, but I wasn't about to be the party pooper, so I just went along with what the others were doing. And what they did was climbing the hill and sitting down on the grass.
We spent around 3 hours there, going from talking to even making flower crowns (one crown, which was ironically given to the only boy in the group, along with a joke about how he was the most feminine out of all of us). 
All in all, we had a good time, and that place ended up being where we hanged hung out for a few times, until an... incident happened and we decided that it was for the best not to go there anymore.  It's too bad, really, that hill ought to be one of my favorite places in that town.

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