What did I do last time I got sick? Well, let me tell you: I stayed home, in bed and I couldn't even get up to drink some water. The pain... I had a headache and my neck hurt as if i ....... twisted it. Besides that, I could barely breathe because of my stuffy stuffed nose.
Guess I'm supposed to tell you what I did that entire day. It's gonna be boring, but since you want to hear it here goes:
When the alarm clock woke me, mom was making some breakfast in the kitchen. I already felt a bit bad, but I got up and ate my bowl of porridge. I told my mom I had this sick feel in my guts, so she gave me a Nurofen to shut me up. After about 20 minutes, it got worse and mom noticed it so she decided I wouldn't go to school that day.
I tried to take my mind off it, so I watched some random movie on Netflix. But the electromagnetic energy radiating from the computer( or some equally irrelevant science explication) made my head hurt even more, so I took some pills. I shut off closed the PC and switched to a book. That didn't help either. I opened a window to get some fresh air, but the smell of traffic making me even more sick, so I closed it and went to sleep.
I woke up sweating at about 6 pm. Apparently, I had a bad case of fever, so I drank some tea with lemons and took even more pills. The next day I felt better, but I can say that an entire day at home being sick was more boring than my average day doing usual stuff.

chiar daca povestesti despre ceva plictisitor, tot ai putea sa structurezi, sa ai o directie, sa explici si sa glumesti

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