I was only five when we left home. My mom said she was going to take me to a place where we will would be happy forever. I remember I was really into the ideea but now, I*m just bored of my mother.
    Last night we had a horrible  fight about the fact that I*m a disaster at math ( I*m 15 by the way). As i I got home she started shouting at me because my teacher had called her. That awfull math teacher! Man, I really hate him! Apparently, he told her that if i don*tI didn't start paying attention to his subject I will wouldhave to go to summer school. She was really mad and I can understand that but she didn*t had to bring .......out all the stuff about what a dissapointment I am!
    So I started screaming and making a big deal out of the fact that this is how she raised me and if she thinks I am such a bad person maybe i should go stay with dad. She got really mad. I never saw her that mad: she started crying and she said that if i don*tdidn't like it here I can couldalways leave.
    I ran to my room and started crying because although I know it is my fault, this was really unnacesaryunnecesary. I hate my dad and she knows it and she hates me and I know it! Everyone hates me! I decediddecided to just let it go and i stopped crying. I went to the kitchen to see if I can eat something. As I was passing through I saw my mother calling someone. I just ignored it but she soon started crying harder and I just couldn*t ignore it.
     " I can*t do this anymore! I just can*t!" and she felt on the floor.
       I run ran to her to help but when I reached her, it was too late. She hadfainted. I called the doctor and they took her to the hospital. To my relief she had just had a little break down but i was so scared for her. I don*t want her to remember what a headache I am, I want her to Know I love her.

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