Every Sunday, me and my family meet at grandparents home. In the morning we go to the church and after...........we sit at the table and we take the lunch at them.
Last Sunday we debated a stranger strange argument ,about how our country is so that. Half of us claimed to have a beautiful country,because we had mountains and the Black Sea......... and many tourist places and some people in the country still know what love and goodness are.We still have faith,pe....ace and some humanity even if other people hate them country and they offend her.It's much easier to blame others than yourself............, because you don't see your mistakes anyway.
      If that was the argument of my mother,my aunt and my cousin,Elena,the other said side,with my uncle,my grandfather and my cousin Alex, said the opposite,this being :,,We are really stupid because no one contributes to something in this country.We are some toys that stay the way the government wants to be .............. . They,those in the government,know we are weak so in different ways they are heading hide us for fear and we are part of their game."
    After this ,all of us started screaming at each other and they began to beat with punch on the table.After some time my grandmother screamed at them to stop and for thirty seconds ............... we all silent.My uncle decided to leave and all of us went nervous at to our houses.
      There was were two different points of view ,but because they were too nervous jumpy they didn't think about the situation and they spoke without understanding the other ............members.
     I remember in that night I cried more and I prayed for everyone to come to terms and in the next morning everyone was in my kitchen asking for anto apology.In that moment I thanked God for that marvel.
      That was a stressful and negative day!

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