"An argument in the family". Nowadays it seems so normal and usual to have an argument in the family because it's a thing that happens more and more often. It's not a happy fenomen even if you get used to it. It's sad and really depressing, sometimes with a big emotional impact. Of course there are times like any others when families get in........ a fight  because of some stupid things that their children did etc. The idea is that these types of " fights" can change in........ some things that I'm sure we don't want. A big argument full of negativity it's not good for anyone. It just make... you sad and angry without the power of understanding the situation or thinking about the real problem and solve it. An argument in the family can be harmful for the child in particulary. He/She, just like the adult,gets full of anger that isn't beneficial in any way. The best way to comunicate is to keep your calm as a parent and even as a child, relax and judge properly  and think about the weak link that cause.... nothing but negativity and sadness.
The best example that I can give you is me. Everytime I have an argument in my family I get upset inside of me where I feel like my black shadow rise... and covers me untill nothing pure and beautiful remains. Why? Because this fights are serious and consuming for me.
Arguments in the family aren't a pleasure so try not to have them at least not as often as I do.
Now, this is a problem that concerns both children and adults. It's not like always parents are the bad people that makes us feel alone and other things like that. No. The fault is on the both sides. There are moments when even the adult feels bad, alone, sad etc because of our behaviour and vice versa. So I don't know but live your life without negativity and even if it's hard, which I know it is, try to get through it with a little bit of compansion and positivity, calm and com.........unication. An advice that is for everyone: Do not let those bad days with fights and arguments to drag you down because they will pass eventually.

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