My mom, my brother and I were all gathered in the living room along with our puppy, Spot. He was pretty big for his age, with mostly dark fur, the only spots of color being a white streak from under his "chin" to his belly, the white around his paws and the brown spots above his eyes that looked like brows and granted him his name.
Mom wanted to give Spot to our grandmother since, unlike us, she lived at in a house, but my brother wanted Spot to stay at home.
-But why can't we just keep him? My brother whined.
-Because it is better for him to live with your grandmother. He does his needs around the house, he is biting everything and no one in this house will take him out on walks. Mom said, and granted, everything was true.
My brother couldn't be let left outside unsupervised yet because of all the cars that come and go, my mom has her work, I had school and dad was in London.
My brother pouted and crossed his arms, visibly upset. I looked at Spot. He was currently biting his hair brush. My mind went back to this morning, when he was chasing me through the house trying to bite me. Mom said "play" but frankly, he may be just a puppy but it still hurts and I would rather not be hurting when I went to school, thank you very much. He wouldn't even let me put him food in his bowl! 
Yeah, taking him to grandma............ certainly wasn't a bad idea. I looked back at my brother and mother.
-No! We're keeping him!
-You can still see him when we visit her. Mom tried to reason with him. Why she didn't just say something around the lines of "My decision is final", I don't know, but I'm thankful that that wasn't the case. It was a really annoying "argument".
-But... but... My brother was at a loss of for words. He looked at me as if asking for help but I just shaked shook my head.
-You go there every day.
-But I want him here. My brother declared. Mom glared at him. Fine! He shouted.
I sighed, realizing that he was getting angry, and made him sit next to me. I put my left arm around his shoulders and pulled him close, knowing that iw will it would calm him down. I looked up at mom and smiled at her. She nodded and started to put Spot's things in a bag. A car was supposed to arrive later that day to take him.

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