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An argument in the family

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We seem to have a lot of arguments in the family and this is  normal but  still with a limit. We must communicate with our parents, grandparents and sisters or brothers because they are the most important people in our lifeslives. We must express our opinions because in this way we can resolve the problemes that we find at every step. The For example  last year I met a girl that told me that her parents didn't help her with problemes that she encountered because they were busy because of with their jobs. She told me that her grades weren't good because nobody  talked with her. She said that the friends aren't like parents or a member of her family. She was very sad that she could no longer concentrate to no on any subject. She had a really good argument in her family. She thought that her parents don't love her because they didn't care about her. Maybe it is very true. Probably they think that their jobs are more important  than their child but it can't be possible isn't possible.  Finally the girl went in the parents..... room and she told them about her opinion . Her parents embraced their own child and they apologised to her and they said that for them she is very important. From the beginning she had to expime  express her opinion about this. Now everything is beautiful.   Her parents made time for her and she was very happy. For children, the the money  is nothing because for them parents are people that inspire them. Parents must be a good example for them. They must talk with their children and listen .....listening them every day , they must love their children, they must laugh with their children. These are the most important things.
In conclusion  children and their family must talk every day and must exprime express their opinions. In this way, ........... there will not exist be arguments.

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I like the way you wrote the story and you put in that many feelings. It's true what you said in the story like comunication is important in the familly and in that way it will not be any arguments. I think this is an amazing story!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » An argument in the family