Should long-distance relantionships be encouraged or discouraged?

In today's society, a new kind of love was born. The amazing evolution of technology has made it possible for people who have actually never seen each other in flesh and bones to show each other strong feelings.
We all agree that a great majority of these relationships do not have a concrete future, but by virtue of relations that tend to lead to a real future, should these types of relationships be encouraged or discouraged?
We may never find the concrete answer to this question because it can be customized on a case by case basis.
However, I think long-distance relationships can be even more honest and stronger than those between people who see each other almost daily.
First of all, a distance relationship is usually born in the virtual world, which indicates that people first have known each other on a mental level. Having a mental connection rather than a physical connection in the first stage of the relationship can be one of the clues that that relationship will last. A psychological knowledge leads to a better understanding of the partner by creating a strong and sincere connection. For example, it is possible that in daily life at a first meeting he does not show his hatred for red color if he chooses to wear a red dress, but in the virtual world, this type of judgment after appearances is often reduced. In other words, when you know a person in this environment, you are more open and honest.
Secondly, a long-distance relationship means creating a link between two people maybe from different corners of the world (or just from different cities). A long-distance relationship can make you know yourself through interacting with someone different from you, different from your comfort zone. As an example we can take the situation of those who have a relationship and work at the same company. Most often, their relationship reaches a stage of monotony.
It is true that most often these relationships can only be false illusions or that one of the partners may be less honest (or even unfaithful?), but it is worthwhile to take the risk when you think that that relationship will be more than a message of "Good morning!" or "Good night!".
In conclusion, long-distance relationships can be great experiences if we know how to analyze and assume all the risks consciously. But/However, in the future, I think they will be more and more common.

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