In this world, you can waste you......... time in many ways. For example, you lose time when you sleep. I know that sleep is necesary and you can escape for a little bit from this world but it's also a waste of time.[leaga propozitiile] To........ mych sleep is bad.
You can ...........[conjunctie] waste your time when you are staying with persons that you don't care for anymore but you feel pity for them. A waste of time is when you are staying in a toxic relationship, even if you know that will never work. Just go and leave everything toxic i.... the past because it is not okay for your health.
Another waste of time is when you are doing something that you don't like. If you don't like a job (for example) you won't be a successful person and you will be bad in that field. I ........... actually read in a book that you will  have problems in your marriage if you are doing something that you don't like .
...........[conjunctie]Another waste of time is when you listen to others people's opinions. Most of the time, people are jealous and mean and will say anything to make you feel bad about yourself. Also, not everyone has to like you.  Everybody has different opinions. [leaga propozitiile] We don't need to have the same thoughts.
...........[conjunctie]A waste of time is when you are waiting for something that is never going to happen. I mean, it is okay to be optimistic but if you know deep down (really deep down) that something is not going to happen or to be the way you expected just give up and move on.
...........[conjunctie]Another waste of time is when you are living in the past or in the future or in both.THIS IS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME SO PLEASE STOP!!!!!1 The most important is t leave in the present and just let the past go. It is the worst and it's the most paiifu.
           Everyday we are wasting our time. Just focus on the present because it is the most important. We only have one life so please, stop worry......... about every little thing. Let things happen without overthinking. Have a beautiful life.

ar fi trebuit sa faci o naratiune aici, nu un eseu argumentativ

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