I realised I was such a fool when I was staying on a chair, in front of my window. It was raining outside, that kind of weather ........... really calms me down. And I was thinking of me as a child, I remember that I was kinda happy, and more, MORE optimistic than I am now. When I was little I thought that ......... is amazing to be grown up, because it is more interesting and funny. But of course, I was so wrong. I am not an adult, I don't have bills to pay and also I don't have any children that I have to work for and to pay for their food and education. I know that it would be even harder in the future but now I am a teenager and nothing is pink and happy as I thought as a child. In this period you feel so much pressure on your sho...lders and you think everything is so bad when  it really isn't. You have trust issues, you think you are not as beautiful as the other girls/boys, you think that everybody hates you in secret. But that's just paranoia.
                 I realised when I saw a thunder that was divided the sky in two that highschool is not the best thing in your entire life. You meet a lot of shitty people with ugly personalities and a lot of great people with amazing personalities. But they are not that important. When I was a child I thought that in the future I was going to have a lot of friends, like a lot (the entire school maybe) and they would be loyal to me and they will always be ther..... by my side..but nah..people just come and go. In highschool it is better to have 2 friends that you know are really loyal and nice than a hundred people that are fake and spread negative energy.
                 I realised  I was such a fool because I thought that money and expensive stuff are everything.
                 I realised I was such a fool because I ....... listened to others people's opinions about me
                 I realised I was such a fool when I was a child.

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