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A vegetable market

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One day in the summer , my grandmother told me to accompany her to the market. There everybody greets greteed her, everyone knew her because she always took fruits and vegetables from here.
          The first time we went to pick up getpotatoes 🥔🥔 and carrots 🥕🥕, we both took them from Mr. Vasi in the corner of the place market . He sold  there for over 10 years. All that he was selling was from his garden and he didn't use different harmful substances. The price was a good one, for potatoes  it was 2 lei per kg and for carrots it was 1.5 lei per kg. After the grandmother stayed a little to......... talk with him we continued our journey. Next we got It followed to take tomatoes and cucumbers from Mrs. Maria , which had somewhat higher prices, but the vegetables were good. The grandmother took 2 kg of tomatoes and 2 cucumbers. Grandma wanted to take some garlic, but she didn't  found it find any.
              In the case of fruit, my grandmother is quite pretentious fastidious .When she wanted to take some apples 🍏🍎, she examined them well and even wanted to negotiate the price and managed to get him down 2 lei. I negotiated for some strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 because I didn't feel well to be it was good to be 6 lei kg so I said that more than 3 lei per kg don't  I don't want to give, the seller agreed.
           When I left, I told my grandparents to take me to the market, [conjunctie] but I really liked it.

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A vegetable market

       One summer, I go shopping with my mother. What is the best place for a healthy diet and that is cheap? The vegetable market, obviously. There I know all sellers. And they know me too.
     A former high school mum's mate is very kind to us. We always have discounts. She sells all the vegetables and fruits in her garden and doesn”t use different harmful substances. We appreciate it very much for that. Every time I meet I get some money from her. I'm excited, obviously, like any child. Then I choose the freshest vegetables. Mom has confidence in me and lets me choose whatever I want. Meantime, she speaks very much to her dear friend. Carrots cost 1,2 lei per kg, and potatoes - 2,5 lei.
     In the case of fruit, my mother is quite fastidious .When she wanted to take some apples, she examined them well and even wanted to negotiate the price and managed to get him down 2 lei. I negotiated for some strawberries because I didn't feel it was good to be 6 lei kg so I said that more than 3 lei per kg I don't want to give, the seller agreed.
           When I left, I told my mother to take me to the market, but I really liked it.



letter of recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

    Lavinia Doleanu worked in different projects with me for a period of five years. During that period, I had the great pleasure of seeing her blossom from a junior trainee at the beginning, into a
fully functioning teacher.
     Lavinia is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. During her 5 years in that position, I cannot remember an instance in which she missed a deadline. She often brought projects in below budget, and a few were even completed ahead of schedule.
     Lavinia is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to his/her assigned projects. She functioned well as a team leader when required, and she also worked effectively as a team member under the direction of other team leaders.

On the interpersonal side, Lavinia Doleanu has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with staff under her supervision, as well as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by colleagues and employees alike.

In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with her, I can unreservedly recommend Lavinia Doleanu to you. If you would like further elaboration, feel free to call me at 0733312303.

Sincerely yours,

Maria Istrate,
teacher at LTMC Cluj



A pretty house

Description of a Maramures house

    It's been a year since I was with my parents on a trip to Maramures. However, memories are so strong, as if time has stopped.
    After visiting the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, our guide, my uncle, proposed us to visit...... one of the old village, Anghel, who had been a teacher in my youth.
    I knocked on the high gate, with the carved wood of God, and then went into a large room, which the host opened only for guests.
     The smell of baked quince was poured out from the door, along with other beautiful bouquets of flowers.
    We sat down on a bench and started talking about the old days. From outside, because it was a day of celebration, the bells began to sound, and my growing eyes in the city stopped on the icons painted by Anghel and decorated with ornamental towels made by his wife. I approached and I saw the special traditional pattern of them, telling our host that she calls them "her horse and her baby", because it looks like their silhouette.
   I left Mr. Anghel's house with a heartbeat, thinking that we were rushed to fly on the moon without even crossing a palm of the ground under our feet.

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A beautiful village during the summer

     Although it is in the morning, the sun shines up in the sky. This has not happened for a long time. This is a terrifying day. The sky less blue than usual seems to be discolored by the sharpness of the rays sent by the solar disk. No cloud, no matter how big, wants to see the bright sun.
     Just as scary is the wind. He has no courage to show his cool face for even a moment. He tries to snap from time to time but does not have the power to fight the Almighty Sun. When he senses his presence, his breathing is very hot, like the breath of a dragon, spitting flames on his nostrils.
     On the ground, all of these things are more dramatic. .......... Grass is drier than ever and yellowed without weather. Where the trees do not shade, the land is burned after a devastating fire. But maybe the tree suffers the most. Getting less water than usual, they make great efforts to stand upright against the ruthless sun. Drought drought has dried up even the will to stay green. They look like backs, like old people who have been hit by the weight of many years. The leaf of the trees is not as rich as last spring, and the color of a healthy green has turned into a stunning green.
     The least mourners are lizards. With multicolored skin shining in the rays of the sun, they rest under the open sky, even though the temperatures have been unleashed. As lazy as usual, they stretch their body better to capture as much as possible from the sun's energy.
This is just the beginning of the hottest season of the year, July, the month of the oven. From a friend of nature who brought joy and joy all the way to yesterday, the sun .......... turned into a real enemy to it.

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For studying hard for that subject- philosophy

    Although the term philosophy alone gives them headaches, makes them smile or, on the contrary, leaves them cold, not telling them anything, the truth is that we do not want to reach either of these "goals," but to prove or understand, as we say from the very title of this essay, the need to study philosophy in schools, and when we say schools, we do not think only of universities (although we give it right to Marinoff altogether), not only in high school, but even in the younger years, let's say starting with the 7th grade. We would like you not to a priori treat this topic as stupid; after we have delimit both the meaning of what philosophy means and the direction of its study, we hope that we will not be so badly understood, or even more, that our idea will grasp the outline of reality.
After all, the 7th grade does not mean that our age is 13 years or older, maybe 14, maybe 15 years. Ages in which adolescents have already formed a cognitive base for understanding some of the introductory notions of philosophy. It is not, as will be seen later, not to teach philosophy to an academic level, but to familiarize them with a way of thinking. In fact, if we take into account the fact that in schools there is an emphasis on quantity, on the wealth of accumulated knowledge, then we can say that it will actually be the beginning to teach young people to learn to think and then to get acquainted with thinking, naturally. Afterwards, gradually, as it comes to advancing in high-school, high-school, the transition to other problems specific to philosophical meditation, but after all, life-threatening problems that our day-to-day lives and which our children will have .
    In modern times, however, with the loss of land by religion, living in an increasingly intense, desecralized world, many contemporaries face an acute lack of meaning, with an immense inner void that they no longer have fill. Although they tried all the variants, neither the accumulated wealth nor the career achievements, to give just a few easy examples, could not fill this gap and put the big mud in which it sinks in the passing day.
People have always had questions, dilemmas, problems, troubles, annoyances. But never, as in our day, neurosis, stress or simply mental discomfort did not come to erupt so forcefully that they can not be compared to any known volcano. Because of these (those who profitely say thanks to them) there are today dozens of therapeutic schools, hundreds of methods and thousands, if not millions of therapists. And although we risk to offend many, the reality is that only a brawl among them really belongs to the field of therapy, and even a smaller part needs specialized treatment. The rest, the vast majority of them, although not yet (or rather, for some time, are no longer) re / known as such, are philosophical questions, questions which the philosophers have put and to which thousands have responded or hundreds of years.
    Taught at a level appropriate to understanding their age, philosophy will provide a solid foundation, a virtually indestructible foundation for the construction of the subsequent building. Without claiming to have all the answers, philosophy creates, and this is most important, the most appropriate framework for each individual, no matter what field he will choose and where he will work in the future in life. Philosophy helps the individual become what he should be: man. That's where everything goes. If the society is made up of people (whose main characteristic, we repeat whenever we have the opportunity, is humane), then the world will turn itself into one in which it will be a delight to live, and it does not struggle like that is today without the need for any reform, without someone from outside trying to press and change us, which is also illusory, because change can only come from within. Changing the alienated world in which we live, the faulty system, the non-value, and the frustrating, we can all do. Everything can begin with the study of philosophy in schools.



Describe how some people dress: How women dress the other side of the world

  East and Central Eastern Culture exerts on us a faraway fascination. Fascination, but also ... fear. It is nice, however, to let ourselves be inspired by the Oriental port, so feminine and diverse, made of light materials, diaphanes that protect against the cloud.
  Clothes do not just have a practical role, they describe the collective mentality, the way of existence of a people. We will not stop on oriental clothing that has a profound religious connotation, forcing women to completely cover themselves, but rather to oriental clothing that, by their simplicity, betrays so much femininity and why not, can inspire us in the elections which we do during these hot days of summer ... or maybe in our journeys.
  Dubai (United Arab Emirates) - Abaya
  Abaya is a very simple clothing item that wears over street clothes when a woman leaves the house to hide the body, especially in the Middle East countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia, but also in Africa North and the Arabian Peninsula. Abaya has long sleeves, it is long to the ground and must be worn together with a scarf that will cover the hair, or maybe a wave that will cover the face.
Traditional Abaya is black, covers the whole body, except for the face, the soles and the hands. It can be worn with niqab, a wave that only reveals its eyes, or with shayla (a scarf that bears on the head in a particular style).
  The Arab women in Dubai are recognized for their exquisite elegance, even if they wear these clothing items that cover much of their body. In Dubai, abaya is presented in the form of various patterns and colors, and its work is very precious. Some abaya models are open in front, so they need to be worn with something underneath. Even unpainted abaya can be very effective in various combinations: jeans, lightweight, cool trousers. If you go out with your friends or family and your abaya will be removed, you can wear something presentable.
  India and Pakistan - Salwar Kameez
  Salwar Kameez is a very popular traditional clothing that we find as South-South Asia. It is worn by women in India and is also a traditional port for both women and men in Pakistan.
Salwar Kameez is a 3-piece combination - Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. As this name resonates in our Salwar language, it means a pair of trousers that are worn under the kameez, which is the upper part of this oriental costume. The length of the upper part varies. Dupatta is a scarf that is worn over the hair. Some women wear it as a very stylish accessory, others to cover their heads in the presence of elders or when they enter sacred places.
  It is not known the exact origin of this port, but it seems to have Muslim origins, for later to be introduced by the Central Asian invaders. Today, Salwar Kameez trades a special elegance and absolute femininity.
  China - Cheongsam (or Qipao)
   It is a dress that follows the line of the body and is made of a single piece of material. The dress closes on the front, on the right or on the left (less often) and has a high "mandarin" collar. Cheongsam is made of traditional Chinese silk, embroidered and is lined in warmer for the winter.
    At first it was a long dress, but then, its length began to vary.
   Today Cheongsam is modeled on those that were worn in Shanghai in the 1920s. In contemporary versions, we find the Cheongsam in other shapes - sleeves or made of other materials than silk.



Yo man hold your horses! You just wrote 6 compositions on some else's post. I don't know if this should be funny or not. Anyways, be more careful next time, 7 time's a charm.



Video games vs movies
     For teenagers and adults, watching movies is preferable to playing video games from the point of view of personal development.
       A film can in many ways attract us to its original form. People generally prefer movies over video games for their own personal development.
     From my point of view, I prefer the movie in which the characters appear in front of you on a screen, and the room is full of people who enjoy the game of the first ones and the story or stories in question.
   First of all, the pleasure is similar to the one you experience reading a personal development book. Participate in the life of imaginary characters, as if they were real, wait with them, try to understand, suffer or enjoy, after your luck (and yours). Some people like you, others don't, you think about what it is like to be in their place, you wonder who you look like or who you would like to look like. It's a way of living not your own life, but more.
    Then, going to the movie has something to celebrate, especially in the evening. The day is over, it is the time of a girl when you are allowed to forget about the immediate worries and see something else, to think not only of tomorrow, but also of life in general, yours and others. When going to the movies, people are usually more attentive to the way they dress and behave, a way to honor all those who contributed to the activity.
     A movie can be an event enjoyed by not only the spectators who had the chance to be in the hall, but also the later ones.



Literary analysis

   I am a declared opponent of studying Romanian literature in school the way it is done now. As mathematics is the queen of science, that matter sine qua non for anyone going to a technical profile, so is Romanian literature considered the queen of language sciences. No, I do not mean grammar, we do not take the baccalaureate examination in grammar. We are talking about Romanian literature, the subject that even the high schools of computer science / mathematics / physics do at least 5 times a week. I make a very clear distinction here between Romanian Language and Romanian Literature as subjects, although they are put together. Even if the baccalaureate is given in Romanian Language and Literature, the knowledge reproduced by the students is paradoxical in literature and those in language are used only for deduction.
    For many, the Romanian baccalaureate is a traumatic experience. For some, capable of mechanically reproducing information, the bachelor in Romanian means learning the meaning of the N comments plus the selective reproduction of quotations from some mediocre texts. There are more problems here.
    First of all, the Romanian literature is not significant, even though in four years of high school there was only talk about it. Eminescu is not the great romantic, he is just one of the many - he is not the best either, only we Romanians praise him for having the longest poetry. Or, please, among the longest. Writers before Eminescu? Apart from Cantemir who subjectively documented Moldova (a not very important country break), the rest are invisible. After? We boast about American writers (Eliade) or French writers (Ionesco), and we don't even understand them very well.
   Secondly, Romanian literature, as a matter, was structured to meet the propagandistic purposes of the communist regime. I am sure that in 1940 no one considered the idea of ​​a 'canonical Romanian writer' as serious - that is, to be clearer, a writer who imposed standards, canons, respected by those after them (more or less) holiness. But the communist regime needed a method of re-educating the intellectuals - the Romanian was one of the tools. People like Sadoveanu, like Eminescu-the-Socialist (with the work of the emperor and Proletarians, of course) were promoted and as much as they could to maintain a consistent image on the Eternal party, you know who. The canons were absolutely necessary - they were imposed to ensure that the Romanian teletype did not deviate from the party line, which Burebista himself provided, which hands over centuries with Mihai Viteazul and Nicolae Ceausescu.
  The problem is that the people who learned Romanian are writing textbooks now. They cannot live without reference materials. And here comes the problem number three. Literature is a subjective matter. I can very well say that Luceafărul is a mediocre opera, too long to be taken seriously (not that I would think that, but as an idea). Such an appreciation should give me ten - especially if I can put arguments behind the statement; But what do you do if the correction scale says: "10 points because you have identified a point of genius of the national poet". For me, the national poet could be Emil Brumaru, or Nichita Stanescu - And since I do not speak in the above statement about Brumaru, how could I take maximum note?



Should Romanian parents raise boys and girls as different or with the same values and lifestyles?

  The first thing we experience when it comes to rules is the unwilling desire to break them. Sometimes it seems to me that the rules were invented just to give us the immense joy of doing the exact opposite. Modernism itself revolts against the rules, like a rebellious teenager in front of seemingly misunderstood parents. And yet, in front of our small rebel society, we were unhappy and depressed, because we did not have the feeling of security. Only then do we understand that life with rules is actually much simpler and that the only major drawback is that we did not invent them.
     First of all, any system, any domain imposes rules that make it functional. The boss who imposes a certain behavior or asks you to wear certain things related to the profession you practice does not do this for personal pleasure, but because his experience or those before him, he concluded that it was not maybe otherwise. The rules are actually a shortcut to efficiency and success, which you probably would have discovered after twenty-thirty years of experience.
      Second, the rules simplify your life by imposing orders in any system. It is difficult for us to orient ourselves in a chaotic system, with apparent rules, which change during the game. But when you know how things are going, you know what to channel your efforts, you know what imposes you and what limits you, so that your work will not remain without purpose.
     In conclusion, the idea of ​​breaking the rules is seductive only when we are the ones doing it. Because any area in which people do not follow the established rules, it transforms the world into chaos, into a game of chance and madness, in which most become victims and rarely anyone wins.



Should Romania and Moldova unite

    The union of Romania with Moldova should be a soul goal of all Romanians. It should not be a day without the people at the head of the state to put a brick in our common future, in the building of Greater Romania, whose potential is immense.
   However, just like nine years ago, I am convinced that the only way to reach this goal is for the Union to happen within the strategic alliances in which Romania has worked so hard. Forcing a union with Moldova without the support of Western partners, even against them, would jeopardize our position in the EU and NATO, which would be a catastrophe for both countries.
   We would compromise our relations with those countries with which Romania has historically been well. It would call into question the security guarantees offered by NATO today, but especially by the United States. It would push us back into the no-man's-land between East and West. It would again give Russia the opportunity to exercise its direct, brutal influence, gaining a veto right on all our strategic decisions.
  Do you think they are exaggerated fears? Not. There were also the fears of Traian Basescu, the most staunch supporter of the Union. Until recently, neither the former president conceived the achievement of the historical dream of Greater Romania other than within the European Union.
   First of all, the communists remain a force in Moldova because the vast majority of our brothers across Prut have experienced a different kind of communism. Just as in Romania, the number of those who judge a regime only after how well it has satisfied their basic needs is dominant. They are the majority, not the ones who remember first and foremost the crimes of the past regime and the fact that they lived in a Prison. All that matters is that they had food, heat and they lacked nothing more than the strict necessities.

Secondly, in the face of an uncertain present, marked by poverty, the nostalgia of the times when Moldova was part of the great Soviet empire is clinging to the hallucinogenic spell of the word that circumscribes their past life, better than that of now: communism.

The Romanian state has to do one thing, but good: to show that it knows how to take care of its citizens. When this becomes obvious to the most troubled Romanians and Bessarabians, the union will be fulfilled by itself.


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