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waste of time

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I don't like wasting time a lot. I think that time is a resource we have to use thoughtfully, and I hate to waste time, because it means I lose bits of resources that could be used for doing incredible things.
One time that I remember was last year at my best friend's birthday.It's usually harder than we think to buy a good present.So there were two days left and i hadn't yet found a present for her.I had been looking for it for too much time and i I was angry.I somehow managed to loose   lose all my afternoon at ...... mall searching. And, finally i I found it!! The perfect bracelet that came with a gorgeous necklace. The bracelet had small simple green diamonds and the necklace that which kind of reminded me of a flower that my best friend ........... showed has shown me some weeks back.So i bought it.[uneste propozitiile] and I was very happy. i Ieven made a card that i have given gave a lot of thought into to.
Anyway, the day when i needed to give her the present came and i I was excited to see her reaction when she saw it.But she didn't react the way i I had expected.
She looked at me as if she was scared to say what she was going to. I asked what the matter was, and after a long silence, and more scared looks, she replied that she had already received the exact same bracelet from her mother as a gift for her good results in school. I couldn't believe what I ........ had just heard. I was so sad that she already had the gift I bought her............... and I told her that the sellers assured me that she could always go back to the store and pick another gift. She told me she would go there as soon as possible, and that I shouldn't worry at all that I .......... had bought her something she couldn't use. I didn't want to worry, but I couldn't help hating ......... the fact that I ........ had wasted so much time for nothing. I hope that never happens again!

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I like the style of the composition and the writing is actually really impressive. The storyline is fluid and the plot is really relatable and I think the main theme of the story you decided to go with is a quite common experience people usually donít see as significant, thus I really appreciate that you underlined the impact a disappointment like this one can affect somebody. I liked both the style and the plot.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » waste of time