Nature is wonderful! Everyone knows it! Because nature is both incredible and very unusual. My parents and I went to many beautiful places to get a deeper insight of the wonders it can create. For example, the last place I visited together with my family and some friends was the Cacica saline salt mine, from Suceava. This place was delightful, but still, from my point of view, the salt mine is an unusual place.
   The first things you see when you enter the saline salt mine are many stairs, specifically 192. These were made of wood, but, also, were very narrow and high, so you have to take great care when you step on them. I was especially afraid when I went down, even if I was holding the handrail.
   At the same time, as soon as you go down the stairs, the salt smell immediately reaches you. It seemed to me that the smell was getting stronger as you went deeper in the saline salt mine, becoming very irritating after a while. At least you could forget about it, because the landscape was so beautiful.
   The walls were, obviously, made of salt, being uneven, harsh and grayish. Being underground, only the bulbs lightened up the place, but still, the atmosphere was dark and strange. In some areas, where there were also skeletons, dungeons, or holes, frightened me. These feelings were accentuated by the jokes of my friends. In the saline were two chapels, having everything that is necessary for a church: altar, icons, chandelier and many more, and the gallery dug directly into the salt had basalt reliefs carved in salt rock on the walls, with religious themes.
   Another unusual thing in the saline was the Salt Lake. That was an artificial lake dug by the miners, on the walls of which were salt crystals. The lake was fenced with railing and illuminated by several reflectors. I really liked its color, a bright turqoise. IMPRESSIVE!
   But still, what seemed to me to be very, very unusual in this place was the dance hall and the football field. Who uses these spaces? Does anyone come to party there or to play football?
But nevertheless, we played football there :)), and so we warmed up a little, because, I forgot to mention that it was very cold there!!
   In conclusion, The Cacica salt mine is an amazing place! There are lots of interesting things, and there certainly are beautiful landscapes, but also is a very unusual place.

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