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An argument in the family

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Lately I have started to pay more attention to the way I dress. I have never been that kind of a person who goes out for shopping, not just because I don’t have enough money, but because I simply don’t like the idea of it. I think that searching for some unique, maybe vintage, stuff through weird shops is way more interesting. I have been doing this for a while, but it seems that my family does not really get go along with it.
Since I embraced this "new style," my family has started to comment on the clothes I wear. Either my pants are too baggy or my new T-shirt looks like one of grandpa’s. I mean, come on, why do they care so much if I wear loose or old-looking clothes? There are teenagers out there who are spending their money (and their health) on alcohol, cigarettes and so on! Speaking of money...
Last time I bought something was about a week ago. I found this special, colourful shirt and I couldn’t leave it there, on a poor hanger, in that totally strange shop managed by an old lady, ok?! As soon as I brought it home, my dad started yelling at me for spending money on some crap again. Firstly, I have only spent a couple of bucks on it, and secondly, it wasn’t "crap." He kept repeating that I have   to had to stop wearing those rags (yes, he said "rags") or people will think I have some kind of problem. Sure, now we care about what other people think... "You look like you've just got out of your great grandmother’s closet," he said. Well then, I think great grandma had a great fashion sense. Then mom came in the room and started this whole pleading about the fact that I should dress more "up to date." Really? She’s the one stuck in 2005, people.
It was a hell of an evening. They even called grandma to try and convince me, God. But do you think they succeeded? Nah-ah. They’re not killing my style since I not even bragging don't even brag about the way they think.

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I like so much your way of writing and your essay is very good. About the story my opinion is, like that old expression, ”there is no accounting for tastes”, so you did it right to don't change your style because everyone should wear the clothes they like and they feel confortable, it doesn't matter what the others think about it. :>



I think that if I would see you, I would love the way you're dressed (that isn't important but I had to say it!). Even if you shouldn't care about trends (and I'm pretty sure that you don't really do that) vintage clothes are very popular
It's you that have to decide what you should wear: baggy pants, your grandpa's T-shirt or ripped jeans and a flowery neon pink blouse

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I think that your family probably just doesn't understand how fashion works nowadays. The fashion history is repeating itself and that might seem weird to your parents but you should take some time and explain to them why everyone should have their own style and maybe present to them some advantages of thrift shopping, and that could change their mind a little. I don't recommend telling them that their thinking is old fashioned because that won't do anything but annoy them, and that's exactly what you don't wanna do.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » An argument in the family