Dear Mr. Smith,
I visited yesterday,on 15th April, your restaurant for my brother's birthday. We ordered Chinese food and we requested the waiter to bring first the spring-roll.
The waiter brings the spring-rolls after a very long wait and the food turned out to be stale.I asked the waiter to bring us another entree, hoping to bring something fresh. Thus, when he came back for the second time, he brought another entree, this being fresh.
I went over the unpleasant moment and started eating. After I finished, I decided to order the food and the drink as well.
I ordered some tales with lougume and chicken, and my brother took a soup. Drinking was horrible, because on two pages full of drinks, they had only a few assortments.
After I waited an hour or more for a meal, my brother started eating the soup, but it was very cold. My brother called the waiter and told him to go to warm it up or go to talk to the owner of the restaurant. The Holder took the soup and went for 10 minutes with another soup that was hot.
While I was eating my cutlery, my stomach began to get very hot, so I told my brother I wanted to go to the hospital. We left the restaurant and headed for the hospital.
After an hour in the hospital, the doctor told me there was nothing very serious, but it was just a food intoxication caused by some spoiled food.
Since that day, I've never eaten at that restaurant anymore.