In my family, my mother plays a very important role.
For me this is a model in life. Thus, from her I have invited to cook, to clean and to be a good person.
My mother is a shadowy person with red hair and green eyes. My eyes are that her eyes are a defining feature for her, because when you look at those green eyes you feel calm and protected. My mom is a very calm and understanding person, but you never want to see her when she's nervous.
For me, my mother is a hero, because she has always been with us and has made time for me and my brothers. Since we were babies so far, Mom and Dad have been careful not to miss anything, but my mother was more dedicated. She always played with us and gave up her free time to read or to walk with me.
From my mother I taught and read, she was very proud of me, I saw this in the shimmer of her green eyes like the emerald.
For me, my mother is the most important person in my life, my best friend, and I can not think of my life unless it is her, if I did not have someone to support me in everything I do.

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