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A waste of time at global level

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In the last days I have thought about only one thing: what's the biggest waste of time in this word? I stayed with hours but it took me a while to realize. There are many people who will not agree me, mature people especially,but I think school is the biggest waste of time in the world.
Not the idea of school in particular, but subjects. There are a lot of subjects which are useless. You are put to learn to much information, like a machine. But you are not like this, you are a person. You are put to learn things you will never use and more important you are put to learn things you don't like. Every person is different, we don't like the same things. If you like singing, why you need to learn maths? ,,Because you need to know a bit of every thing" say all the parents. Yes, I agree this, but A BIT, not all the useless details which you will never use.
I don't see the reason. If you are a pupil, I am sure you will understand this. You lose every day between 5 and 8 hours studying. This is not normal. Imagine how many things you could do in that time. I tell you what you could do. You could socialize, making friends, run, cry, you could live your life. But you can't do this... Because the society treats you bad. I really think you are put to learn to many years. Whatever. These are bad thing, but not the worst.
The worst thing is how you need to learn all this information. With the teachers that cry at you when you do something wrong, and say nothing when you do something good. I not say all the teachers I like this. There are very good teachers. But the problem is: they are to few. The majority uses outdated methods, in particular here in Romania. These are my arguments why I thing school is the biggest waste of time ever existed. At least, in this form...

trebuia sa fie o naratiune..

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I do not really think I agree that school is a waste of time, but since this is your opinion, a respect! Otherwise I agree with you



If we want to become an impresive civilization we have to be educated. Yes we are wasting time on learning or pretending to learn pointless information. Maybe we will be the ones that will change our educational system.



A really good composition and I like when people tell their opinion and have good arguments about that!



I think you're right. I really liked how you argued your point of view. You made your point clear and you manage to convince me. Overall  I think it's a great composition.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » A waste of time at global level