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A new place in Romania

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There are a lot of very beautiful places in our country, yet left undiscovered. Why? Because we don't travel much and, even if we do, we don t TRY NEW THINGS like new food or new accommodation or new places. And I think we all know at least a person, a friend or a family to whom the thought of CHANGE and ADAPTABILITY doesn't  really appeal.
The most recent location I discovered is "Cascada Cailor", Maramureş( translated in English into "The Waterfall of the Horses" or "Horses' Waterfall"). Many of us don t really know the story behind its name.
There was once a thriving village whose cottagers had a lot of horses.These animals liked to enjoy their meals and " free time" somewhere near a high cliff. However, the bears living near by  were waiting to find the perfect moment to strike for a kill: they would wait, hidden behind bushes, for a horse to be alone and then lure them to the cliff, so that they don t have a choice but jump. They would then die at the bottom of the mountain. The murders happened frequently and the villagers were very upset. It is also said  that the waterfall itself was made by their tears.
I confess, it the view is breath-taking the view!! On the right of this, there is a meadow where you can rest after making a hard effort to climb all the way there! :flag:

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I love what you wrote! I honestly didn't  know about this place, I'm glad you chose to write about it. The story behind is impressive. Especially the part with the tears. Now I know where to go on the next trip.  :cool:



It's nice to read about beaytiful landscapes that are here in our country. It's even greater that you liked it. I will try to remember this destination.



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A new place in Romania