you know(you probably don't) how I was saying the other day that I had been waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school but I accidentally started day-dreaming and forget about my phone and had a lot of missed calls. well, everything resulted in an argument in my family.
let me tell you the whole quarrel: so I had finally arrived home, and my parents were waiting desperately for me. they started yelling at me and I literally had no idea how to explain this thing going on in my head so I accepted the punishment and went to my bedroom. there, I did some of my HW for the following day, but I couldn't really pay attention to what I was doing so I decided to go for a walk. as I was walking down the street, I started again thinking about my fundamental question (what is life?) and started to understand some things like I don't know my life's purpose (yet) and I literally have no idea what I'm heading to. the days in my life are forming a past that give me no clue for the future. is it worth it though? who knows what I'll be like in two years? but let's say carpe diem and try to know who you really are... do you actually know? if you think you do, then you are a lucky person, congrats! but I'm afraid I don't know anything about me... and I'm not just being a cliché, I'm just trying to discover myself. who am I? am I strong? am I gay? do I have any mental disorder? I would say: ya nevah know... but in this case you should really know.
so as I was thinking of all of these things some of you may think it's 100% bull@#!t I found myself in the middle of the road on the crosswalk. I was standing on a random crosswalk, in the middle of the road... I got up quickly and saw a cat that was telling me to to follow it. I followed the cat, walked under a bridge and entered a hole in a tree. that place was weird... after a couple of minutes I saw a lot of pictures... a better look and I saw myself in those pictures. those pictures represented my memories!!! it was strange and creepy but I saw a folder with "future" imprinted on it. I looked in the folder and I saw a lot of options that I could have chosen in life: I could have been be a happy mom with 5 kids, or I could've been a traveler, or I could've been an YouTuber!! a lot of options my life will give me. as I was looking thankfully at these images I heard my mom's voice. all the pictures disappeared and I woke up in a hospital bed. do you remember that crosswalk? well a car had hit me back then and the following stuff that happened was just a dream.

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