Dear diary,

     Today was a very tiring and negative day. When I woke up in the morning, I had ....... (asa/astfel) a feeling of laziness in me that I did not want to get out of bed ... so I stayed for 5 minutes in bed. What to see ; those five minutes turned into 20. I panicked. After I realized that if I was agitated I did not solve anything, I quickly dressed, ate and left the house. We've done the best time for "school preparation". As soon as we got to the station, we got on the bus. For a moment I thought bad luck turned into ...... luck until the bus filled up and I did not get down easily at the station where I was supposed to arrive. Arriving at school, of course 10 minutes later, I find ......... that we are listening to what I do not know what objects. I could not control my feelings. I felt like I was crazy. After a while, I calmed down and said, "What can happen if I take a bad note? What will my parents say? " But after all, the notes are not important. These are just some things that motivate us to be continually evolving. Everything was very good. The professors were calm, understanding, etc. But how was I? I was stressed all day, negative, which led to the destruction of the binge to dance. I went before even if the morning was not an extraordinarily beautiful one.
     At noon I was at the kinetotherapist for the shoulder problem. I thought he did not go out there. So a pain is terrible. We also got to the training, the place where everything is possible: from dancing with a coin between buttocks to mop dancing. The evening ended with some nice and tiring finals.
   At home, I took a shower and started the English homework.
    And that was the day of a performance sportsman: full of barriers that must be broken, full of fatigue, etc

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