Becoming an Olympic champion is the biggest dream for any athlete. At 36, Eduard-Carol Novak Saw his dream come true, but in a different athletic event than what he .................... expected. Ever since he was five, sport was his great passion. It began with sliding on the ice during hockey practice and continued with speed skating under his first fatherís guidance. At ten, he won his first national championship in this sport. For ten years, he was the best skater in Romania. But on a cold winter day, he lost his right foot in a traffic accident. Everything seemed lost. But his passion for sport was stronger, so despite tge oristhetic foot, Eduard-Carol continued to work out and even go mountain biking. He discovered road bicycle racing and kep persevering in this sport. And the Paralympic games became the solution for him to fulfill his dream of becoming Olympic champion. Eduard-Carol Novak first took part in the Paralympic Games at Athens in 2004, when he returned without a medal, but with an honorable fourth spot. But in Beihing in 2008, he won silver, the first medal Romania ever won in this competition. His dream seemed closer that ever. And in London, it came true. In the qualifiers, he set a new world record in the pursuit racing event at Paralympic Games. And in the final, he won the gold medal, the first ever Paralympics gold medal for Romania. A dream come true. This is the story of Eduard-Carol Novak, my idole.

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