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A vegetable market where I live

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I live in the Dacia neighborhood. The Dacia neighborhood is located at the south-west end of the city between Canta, Alexandru cel Bun and Dallas (a small village near the Bahlui River). It is a block of flats built between 1970 and 1990. In Dacia we have a market that, unfortunately, for many years no longer owns the people who came to sell their ECO products. I have been living in this neighborhood since my 10th birthday when my grandmother died. And ever since, this Square is deserted. Now we find only the stray dogs that are dying at the heat, which have been growing up lately.
 Dacia Square was a beautiful place full of people interested only in joy and customer satisfaction. I do not know honestly what is the reason for the disappearance of this vegetable market, but I'm sorry for it. But this year there has been a change. The  Vegetable Market has become the Animals Market and Furniture Market. It is greater for you to pass on Sunday morning. Going over the terrible smell of the country (hens, rabbits and so on) Once I was there and I was amazed by one thing .. HOW BIG CAN A RABBIT GROW UP? . There were two boys next to a table, and there was a cage on that table and what was there ... A GIANT RABBIT! I saw puppies and fish and many other lovely animals. I also want a puppy. That day, a lady made me offer to a puppy. Unfortunately, the puppy was dirty, who knew if he was sick. But the price he was giving was pretty good. He was so cute ... And ... I did not get it. Sad. [conjunctie]I'm glad beacuse the market is no longer deserted. [leaga propozitiile] Unfortunately, during the week, there is still a place left, but we have nothing to do. I hope in time to make it more beautiful or build something interesting for people in the neighborhood.
     [conjunctie]I suggest you to go to visit this place!😊😊

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I learned many things about your neighborhood in this composition. I have not visited, but I'll  come


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » A vegetable market where I live