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The most disgusting, unusual neighboar

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I  can say I have the worst neighbor, called Vasilica. When I was younger, my mother told me it was actually a mummy that is a spell and that's why it still lives. He has a strict program, but at least once a month he has to distinguish the atmosphere in his apartment with some friends. Vasilica wakes up daily at 5.30. I know this because when he wakes up he opens the TV. ............. Has a very annoying cat lying at night because the cat  probably wants ............... outside or just to run away from Vasilica. I do not know his Vasilica routine between 7 and 15 because I'm at school. But I know when I come from the school for an hour I hear hammering.
            We go over this aspect, .............[linker] in general the old man has a rather healthy lifestyle. I know that bc he only buy... food from the fresh vegetable market and cook....... in his home. He has very old things, my mother told me that he had to get into his house for a poll and he has a very beautiful wood furniture and lacquered , a very old pick-up with a shelf full of vinyls. Besides the appearance of his own cooking and care of his apartment and his cat, he has the habit of listening Trinitas on television for two hours at night. I do not know why, he is a religious man, but every day of the week ?!
             In conclusion, I appreciate this neighbor just for his age and the life he has gone through, but it is not at all nice to call the police only if I put a little of music on the speakers !! In 2 days the police come twice at my door, lucky me that my mother was not home!!! [nu ar trebui sa mai adaugi detalii in introducere - muta partea asta cu muzica mai sus]

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You are a really good writer, i really seek a career for you in it in the future! You are very creative! Congrats! I like it so much!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The most disgusting, unusual neighboar