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Is life a waste of time?

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Life…is it just a waste of time? Most people chase careers, money, fame and all of the sort…but is this really the point of life? And if so, why should we bother? What if one doesn’t want to follow this kind of materialistic things, is he doomed to feel excluded and fall into a weird, confused state?
I personally don’t think life is a waste of time. Actually, I consider that we, as people, give life meaning, but to do so in a productive way we need to understand what an individual needs to be fullfilled.
To talk about what makes life fullfilling, we need to discuss first about what most people consider the negative part: nihilism. In general, nihilism is considered to be the state of mind associated with sad, even depressed people. But, as Nietzsche puts it, there are two types of nihilism: the passive nihilist, which who accepts the futillity of his actions in the grand scheme of things, but doesn’t try ["in loc sa incerce"] instead of trying at all to overcome this realization, but he sinks down more and more into this hole, and the active nihilist, who experiences the same existential confusion which accompanies the feeling that life is utterly futile and meaningless. However, instead of succumbing to the despair or diving blindly into a mass movement in order to forget about this, as the passive nihilist does, Nietzsche saw the active nihilist as an individual who charges forward and destroys all the previous beliefs that gave their life meaning. I consider myself to be an active nihilist, because knowing the sad truth about my uninsignificant life, I choose to forget it and have fun in life nonetheless.
So, if life is a waste of time, as nihilists consider it, can the average individual surpass this truth and still live a happy, fullfilling life? Of course, as long as he forgets the materialistic elements he once strived to achieve, and focusses more on the spiritual part. I hope you learned something new about nihilism, life, and the waste of time some people consider it.

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Honestly, I hadn't known anything about nihilism before until I read your essay. Your composition is very good I learned from it to focus more on the spiritual part because sometimes I behave like just materialistic elements matters and I forget about the spiritual elements. You pointed well that life is not a waste of time and I like it.



Indeed, many people see happiness in material things! I really appreciate your perspective! Congratulations!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Is life a waste of time?