[/align]        It's saturday night , respectively , it's 7 PM. I'm at the front door of the 'Vasile Alecsandri National Theater' and here , alongside with me , are about eight hundred persons waiting
  to go in. Unfortunately , I'm sure that for some people (even me, by the way) this night will be a totally disappointment because , for the reason that they (or we , maybe) haven't bought the tickets  for this event from the site , here , at the theater, ....... the tickets won't be availables , all may be solds.
          I'm very nervous because I came here with the school so I didn't have to buy any tickets , but I'm afraid that I still won't be allowed to enter. I'm just thinking that the volunteers ,
  who are serving with letting people in , won't let me in , and I don't know exactly why I have those thoughts , in fact , this can't happen to me ... It's obviously that the tension is freaking me out.
          Wait! I totally forgot to tell you why are these excited persons here , at this moment. You know , the well-known International Festival of Literature and Translation Iași (the abbreviation in  romanian language , FILIT) has as guest for the fourth night at the theater , the international writer Veronica Roth. She wrote The Divergent Series (which , personally , I haven't read , not yet). I can   premeditate what's your opinion : 'Why does she comes here if she doesn't know what's the story about ?!'. Well , my answer is that I like to explore new stuff...
          Let's continue with my adventure... Now it's getting more breathtaking! It's time to go inside! Hundreds and hundreds of people are cram....ing crowding the little door (I mean 'little' in comparison with the   number of persons). I'm trying to be one of the first who gets in. Not in the slightest surprising , that was an impossible mission , so my trial suddenly failed.
          Finally , I've entered , and I was among the last persons who got in ... That bothers me a little ... A little more , I can say. But at least I have the opportunity to see a very important person...
  But then, guess what! I discovered that our school had reserved two rows. That was such a big surprise , and not just for me , but for all the students.
          At that time , I realised how beautiful a surprise can be! I realised that I've got lucky!...

incearca sa povestesti doar la timpul trecut, nu sa tot alternezi intre timpul trecut si present pentru aceeasi functie

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