So you all know how much you can hate someone. Like you see them walking around and all you want to do is just to stab them in the eye.
Well, at first I wasn't thinking that way. There was a girl in my class that was the most beautiful and people used to love her because she was always getting the best grades and she seemed to be very polite and innocent to other people, and I myself used to admire her too. She seemed to be very mature with a healthy mind,  a person who always knew how to make decisions with patience and love.
As the time passed by, I got to know her. Back then I was spending most of my time with her and even do projects together. I was really proud of me that I got to be one of her good friends. After one year,  our friendship wasn't growing anymore. More and more people we're telling me that she's a selfish kind of person, but of course that I didn't believe one of them. She was my friend so I didn't have the time to mess around with other's opinions,  but after a little while I started to see that she didn't care about her friends, she was pushing them away. She was always thinking that she was the best and didn't let space for an advice. If you ......... tried to tell her your opinion she would've just denied it. If a person was asking for help, she was doing anything but helping that person. I tried to talk to her about this, but she told me that there's something wrong with me and that I should change myself. Maybe she was 10% right, because a friendship is between two people and it can't be damaged just because of one of them,  but I think that I was being pretty rational, and it's mostly her fault.
With that being said, I advice you to be careful about what people you are keeping in your life, because one person can make you go crazy and blow your mind.

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