Dear diary,

Today, when I came back from school, I... I..., wait, why I am writing about my day to a public forum? Well, anyways,

Dear random people of this forum who are reading this,

Today, nothing really happen.......d. I won a game of PUBG. It was awesome, until I realized that I ....... lost 30 minutes of my life finishing that game( it was squad, so yea ), then I played some League of Legends, another 30 minutes wasted( I'm hardstuck gold, so if someone wanna duo, just let me know xd ) and then I started doing my homework. As you can see, I haven't finished yet, but I hope I will soon enough to watch some anime. Hmm, well, you might be thinking "but what life lesson did you learn by playing videogames and doing homework all day long?". Exactly! I only spent 1 hour doing something that I enjoyed, and the rest of my time, I did what someone else forced me to. In other words, life is short, and if you continue by doing what others force you to, you will waste your life. It's your only life, so live it in your own way. Do what you like while you still can. And now the big final question : "Did you enjoy writing this 300 words essay? ". No! "Then why did you do it?". Because if I hadn't, my mom ....... .......... told me that she would've cut the internet ...... .
Well, I hope I ........ wrote enough. I'll finish here my "Life lesson".

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