I am such a fool... I know this very well. There are many reason, but one in particular [color=red]that marked me[/color] .
This happened five years ago. It was getting dark. I was in the house with my motherr. I  [/s]just finished my homework and I begged my mom to let me outside for one or two hours. After many tries, she said yes. I was very happy.
I called my bestfriend John and asked him if he wanted to go outside for a walk. He agreed but he told me he could go out only in a half hour. Or this was what I thought he said... He did not have credit so he couldn't call me. After half an hour I called him and told him I [/s]ready. He responded very sarcastic: ,, Ah, seriously?". I asked him what it happened. He started to crying at me he was [/s]waiting for me for half an hour and I didn't came. We started arguing because both of us saiddifferent things. I understood he would [/s]come in front of my house in half an hour and he actually said he .........  stay ONLY for half an hour.
In that moment I felt [/s]a complete fool. I apologized and we met the next day as it nothing had happened.

prea scurt

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