It was summer. The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold. The wind was blowing gently in my neighborhood and boredom took me and my friends. We decided to go outside, to forget about monotony and to have a little fun on that beautiful day. We met on the main street and we wanted to go into the woods which were a stoneís throw away . We were running through the street when suddenly, I felt into an open duct mouth. They stopped all while I was shouting at us to bring me up. The duct was pretty deep so any of them, even the tallest, couldnít touch me. They said to me that they decided to go to the river, where the duct shed the sewage.  Me, trying to rush the rescue, I walked into the duct, in the downstream. The smell of the place was disgusting, along with the idea of stepping to the dirty water. On the sides, there were some weird drawings, some crazy messages, all written with graffiti. I wondered who or how somebody could do this, and most important thing , why? After a corner, I saw something that looked like a little hut, a couple of sticks, put in a cone shape, with a plastic wrap on them and a little hole in one of the parts. From Inside, I heard a human groan. I was very scared, I didnít imagine until then that homeless people lived here, underground, in sewage pipes. I ran as fast as I could. That experience scared me so much!
Finally I saw a light from the sun and I heard my friendsí voices calling me. They picked me up, giving me a towel to clean myself. It was such a disgusting place and I hope never to repeat the experience.

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