During the last school year, I prepared for to find exam, I wanted to go to highschool in Iasi. I studied very hard for the subject and starting in March. I study especialy in French. I almost didn't  see my friends because I studied all the time. French was important because I wanted to go to a bilingual. There was an exam for the admition. I read many books. I did many exercices  and I tried to wach many videos to listen to the prononcition. on the day of exam I remember that was in the train for Iasi and I thought J didn't know anything. J walked with my mother and my brother from the station to high school and I thought to got everything. I panicated but I try to stay positive. When I went to take the exam I saw the subject and I realised I didn t know what to write. I wasn 't sure that I am so good in French. The subject was so difficult! My head was emply,no informationa told . I ask myself how much I want to a biingual highschool. I realised that it was very important. so I calme down. I breathed in and out and I read the subject again. I remember I wached a video last night exactly about the subject. I was only emotional to think about the subject. I was only emotional to think about it in the first minute for the exam. I am lucky, I still had time if I write fast. Conclusion: I am admirated intk the highschool. I want for the exam I have the sea fast grade. I am happy.