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Trip to a great location

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Last summer, I went on a trip with my friends to Brasov.
Brasov is a city located in southern Transylvania and it was a German city. You can see that in the names of the street ,for example. It has a big curch that is call the Black Curch. The city is not far from Bran,where you can see the Castle of Dracula. Near by there is also the Fortress Rasnov and Carpatian mountains where you can sky or hike.
In Brasov , I went wolking with my friends on the Narrow streets wich are full of old beautiful houses . A guide told me that the Rope street is the narrowest street in Europe.
In the evening ,there was a concert in the council square and we went to listen to the musiciens. Then we went to a coffe shop and we had hot chocolate. After this, I wanted to see Brasov from up . I talk a taxi to the forteress that is located on a hill.
I saw the luminous city and it was very pretty.
Brasov is very beautiful and I want to go back



Hi, human!
I read your post. I think it is not bad, hovewer it is  short. Your story about a trip to Brasov is okay, but it is a little boring. You could do your story more interesting if you have described more the eveniments of your travel. For exemple you could say details about the concert at which you was:the artists who was singing or the reactions of the fans.
I just wanted to offer just a friendly advice, don't take it
personally  8-) .

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Trip to a great location