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The most disgusting & unusual neighbour

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Sometimes you do not know how it happens or why strange things happen in life. Like when you move around  move next to someone who's kind of a creature on the from another planet.
     At a block of flats in Nicolina, me and my family moved at the end of a spring.  In the apartment in front of opossite to our door, 6 meters away, lived the disgusting neighbor with an old wooden door, so we realized his financial condition.  I know I should not judge, but I did not think I would be a neighbor to one like him, but an ordinary man. So, I was surprised by what I saw.   This neighbor was a 50-year-old man with a long beard and was always dirty and dusty.  Not to mention the rainy days ... He always left traces on the lobby and the stairs of the block of flats and I was very nervous. He always had the same clothes, and when we met him he spoke something meaningless, so we went on.
    His good part was that he didn't make noise or put music, so there was nothing to bother us.
    I always wondered how he could pay all the apartment bills especially because he was not working anywhere.  I was thinking then that somebody (a relative or friend) might pay them the rent and the others. A friend, after telling him about my neighbor, told me the saying "do not judge for appearance". But what, maybe they have gold in the house. Impossible...
   I would have talked to him, but he was not open to discussion, but rather to the face.
   I do not know what happened to that neighbor. Maybe he died, maybe he moved ...    I do not know. 
   The point is that it I will never forget face of that of that man.

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Hey! Very ... creepy story and description of your neighbour. But I liked it, really! Good vocabulary, nice grammar, but I would have liked the story even more if you had chosen to write about an event which you were both involved in. But that was your choice and I fully respect it! Good job! :-)



Sometimes the strangest neighbors are the most. Your neighbor seems to be strangely loud or maybe it just seems to you.



Hey. You had a very good idea at the bottom of this text. I like the continuity of the text and the way you put the elements, I like giving you details about what you felt when your neighbor could be wrong. But try not to judge people at first glance.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » The most disgusting & unusual neighbour