One year ago I moved with my family to Iasi. But where I lived before, I had a disgusting neighbor. I was living on the third floor and he was the annoying neighbor on the first floor. It is very important to say from now on that he has a dog and a cat, even if I will talk about it later.
I think first of all I should tell you what he looks like. He was not a tall man. [uneste propozitiile]He was fat, with black hair and he had bulging eyes.
He was always nervous.  [uneste propozitiile]Or at least it seemed ................ . Often he was drunk. He liked alcoholic beverages a lot. It would not be a problem, but he liked it more than he should ............... . I could say that he was even ........ jerk. ............. I said at first that he had a puppy. He did not get his puppy in the apartment, he kept him in the lobby of the block. In the winter, the animal did not wanted to get out, so it made its physiological needs in the lobby of the block. The smell was terrible. I ........ said he had a cat. Well, he did not even get his cat in the apartment. The cat was staying on the lobby of the block. At night, my cat wanted to go outside, but always when it reached the first floor, it was running back to the 3rd floor because my annoyed neighbor's cat was banging on my cat. It seemed terrible for him to take responsibility for having some animals if he did not take care of them.
I do not know what this neighbor is doing now because he is no longer my neighbor, but I know for sure that he did not escape.......... his bad habits. Everything I wrote here is tricky. I really do not want to talk about all the awful habits that he has.

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