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The unusual neighbour

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The unusual neighbour will call hin Mr. C. My familiy is nicknamed him Heinz , as he calls the evil doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Pfineas and Ferb. He moved 10 years ago  in my neighbourhood  and my first impression was that he is a  noncommunicative man. I never saw him , did not talk to anybody  and no one knew him. In time it turned out to  be  insulting   because  now he has become the most stressful and active man in the neighborhood I know. He pursues all  his neighbors . He has an armchair near the entrance door where he is constantly watching  and supervising everything . In his house is a kind of lab where he plans  a diabolical plan to destroy the world. In his youth he dealt with household appliances and mechanics . 2 years ago his wife moved to Constanta fao a better salaary , and the doughter went to college in Bucharest. Now because loneliness hasgone crazy. He lives  with his electrocuted dog Yaki.
    My mother hates him because finds himself beating at out door at inappropriate hours , such as 16 , to ask bad questions . My dad hates him because no nail  can beat in his yard  without Heinz making himself.
    Heinz is my most anormal neighbour by his way of being and by the plans he has .



Okay....aaaa...I still don't know what I can say, maybe: You should write a fantastic book!    :)

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » The unusual neighbour