Dear Diary,

              It `s Friday. The rainy day of September. I am very curious and at the same time scared because today I ...... go.... to the hospital because of the shoulder pain. Being very moroccan because I slept later than usual, my mother thought of sweetening me in the morning with a large bowl of my favorite cereal. It was delicious. We dressed and left. When I arrived at the hospital at 8:15, I was fortunate to meet with the doctor who had been recommended to me. But what do you see ... The doctor had to go into surgery. Luckily Antonia turned into bad luck. Having a very good father, he spoke to another doctor. He controlled me and made me make an ultrasound and two radiographs. I did all the words and after I switched on to light a candle and pray to God to be all right in the hospital's minibiseric. Get.... home, I ate and put myself to sleep. After I woke up, I looked with my brother for a movie, played with my mom and dad and in the evening we all sat in the bedroom, we ate grapes and watched TV.     
             That was the day of Friday...

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