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Everything happened in 2016. My mum wanted to go with our family on a vacation. It was a day cold and windy.Unfortunately my grandfather did not want to come with us on vacation. so my dad thought about finding someone to spend time with our grandfather. The solution was quickly found. He spoke ............ one of the neighbors. Her name was Maria. [leaga propozitiile]Miss Maria was about 25 years old. She was a very interesting person to know. She was friendly but quiet and never said much about her family or friends. Normally every morning she would say hello and smile! Every morning, Monday to Saturday she would go to work from 9 am to 7 pm.
                     Maria started her day going to work, she was going home at night, preparing her dinner, eating and walking to our grandfather to see what he was doing and talk for a while. But they never spoke very personal things.After arriving at the hotel where we were staying, Dad called our grandfather to see what he was doing. Everything was fine.[leaga propozitiile] At the end of the conversation, my dad wanted to talk to Maria.
                     The next morning miss Maria went to work after having her breakfast. Breakfast had been prepared by my grandfather. They made pancakes. [leaga propozitiile]After serving breakfast, our grandfather went to the city. Being in the area was thinking about going through his good childhood friend to see how he feels because he suffered from a serious illness. They had a cup of coffee together and speaking for a while. Then he came back home and prepared dinner. He felt bit alone but he is usually an independent person doing his own activities, but still he missed his family.
                      At one point Maria began to behave very strangely. In the evening he did not come to our grandfather  and he did not understand what was going on. My dad spoke and understood the situation. The next day our grandfather went to Mary's apartment to see what he was doing, to see if she was fine. Grandpa knocked at us once, twice, three times but nothing. Though there were noises in the house. At lunch, bubu needed something from the store. On his way to the store he sees Maria. He yells at her, but she does not even return. What happened? He still had this question.
It had been past a week and Maria still did not appear. Meanwhile, we've come home. Dad tried to find out what was with Maria. And so I said I was defauling the pretty girl, in her place, good and working was a party and so on. Probably her friends have influenced her to do this. My dad met with Maria one day. Maria felt very guilty for what she had done and then she realized what she had done. He apologized . Dad knowing she's a good girl and he forgave her and said that whatever she need we'll help.
                      The conclusion is that you never have to trust people you do not know very well. But we also realized that some people can be very easily influenced.

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Hey! I liked your story's plot very much. It had the detail that kept you interested in what's about to happen( there I mean the reason why the young lady haven't spoken to your grand-father and why she behaved so strangely). Unfortunately, there is still a pretty big number of vocabulary and grammar mistakes( maybe the grammar mistakes were caused by typing on the phone because of T9, so it's ok): "he spoke one of the neighbours"- you should say "he spoke TO one of the neighbours"; '' she was going home at night"- maybe here would be more correct to say " she was coming back home at night"; "being in the area was thinking about going through his good childhood friend to see how he feels"- I think this sentence doesn't sound quite good, don't you think? I think you could say something like "being in the area. he thought about going to visit his good childhood friend to see how he is doing" etc. Anyway, there are a bit more mistakes and I hope you'll find them by yourself. I hope I was helpful with this reply! :-)



interesting story and it really seems strange. If I was I would have tried to find out more details about she. 🔙



Nice story ! Good !


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