The last few days I was standing and cleaning in the garret bridge. There I found a photo album  of ......... when I was a kid. In one of them there .......... was a photo with several neighbors, Mr. Maiorecu Ahile was there.......(unde?) too also . He was a very "special" .
      The first time I met him was when I kicked the ball in the yard of his house and I went to get it. He didn't  want to give it to me, or even more he broke it in front of me and said : "Now it's mine!"
       He was an elderly man, tall and quite weak. Ahile being in the power force was working hard enough, I saw him every day when I was playing or helping my parents on housework. My neighbor had a small orchard of apple trees. But he never lets apples grow, on the contrary, when all the trees were blossoming, he shakes them and lets the wind scatter all the flowers.
         Mr. Ahile lived alone and he was always archery. He screamed at to everyone to be silent because he has was causing headaches. Some people thought he was were scaring kids.
     But someday I and some of my friends went to him to ask why he was doing what he was doing. He pushed us out of there saying that he didn't  have to give explanations to some children. As he screamed at to us, he fell from the ladder. We fled for help. The other neighbors took him to the hospital.When What he was gone going away, we gathered the scattered flowers, thinking we were helping him. When he got home,he ....... saw what we have done did, he ......... scolded us saying that it wasn't  necessary, that I took something that he liked. We didn't  understand until he told us about his wife who had died a few years ago, the marigolds were her favorites. He said that scattering the flowers make him remember remembered ...... ...... her and recreated their first encounter. We left him alone.
    This man, Maiorescu Ahile died shortly after that incident. He showed me and demonstrated one of the most important lessons that we should follow, love exists. And we shouldn't  forget those who "have gone". I'm really sorry I didn't  know him better. And though it sounds too romantic and childish, I sometimes take a few petals of flowers to his grave and his wife 's...... .

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