It all started four years ago when Ana, my neighbor moved to the same block with me.
At first, Ana seemed a very good girl and a little shy.
Ana is a tall girl with dark hair and green eyes. She is very shy, so I did not really know her very well personally. All I know about her is that ......he is the Olympic champion of karate.
I usually do not really talk to her because she always hurries to go into the house, ignoring those around her.
One night I ....... scared very loudly, because there were strange sounds from her apartment, but I said it may seem to me that I ignored them. But no, it did not seem to me, the sounds continued many days after.
After a week I went to Ana's mother and I asked her about the sounds of their apartment and she told me that Ana is getting ready for a new karate competition and usually blows it all home, causing not very pleasant sounds .
From that moment on, I learned that if I want to judge someone, I must have all the clarity of my misgivings and I started to respect Ana because she was working at home for the contest.

prea scurt

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