Even if my old neighbour wasn t the most pleasant person I was spending a lot of time with her.  She always was putting her nouse in my family s buisness and was interested in ..... oun life and plans.I had often seen her standing at my house s fence and listening ...... what we were talking about.Even though she was never goss.....ing, she liked knowing everything about everyone.
The most unpleasant fact about my neighbour was her goats. She used to being them next to my playground,  what was annoying me a lot beacause of the bad smell.
      One day my neighbour invaited  all my family at her place, she was very sorry about every stupid think she did before and asked as to forgive all the offensive situation.... that ........ happened. We were very  shocked, but at the same time very impressed, becouse we have never been in her house. Of course we accepte....... this invitation.My family and I spent wonderful time together  as we never did befor..... with her.
       Unfortunately after a week she died while she was going home from the supermarket, for as this were a very bad news just because we began to find out her real personality.Today I remember about my old neighbour every time I pass a near her house and I small because she was a very beautiful part of my childhood

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