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you realize you're such a fool

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dear diary,
I don't really know how to start telling you about my day... it's been weird, swear to god I've never experienced this in whole my life, let the story begin:
so it was just a normal Sunday morning. it was like 8 o'clock and I was lieing in bed. Not very much to say about that, I could say it's pretty normal. The weird thing is that I was looking straight up at the ceiling and thinking about nothing. Then I realized it was my birthday, but there was no excitement in my head. I couldn't understand the feeling but I still got up and got prepared for the day, even though I wasn't going anywhere. everyone was agitated about something and I was the only one who couldn't get it why... anyways, I just let the idea go and went outside for a walk. this is pretty unusual for me, as I am lazy so I don't really go outside because I want to. The streets were empty and I didn't notice strange things on my way. I felt like a ghost, it was so odd, I have creeps only when I think about it. when I got back home, my family was ready for a birthday party. a smile rose on my face, even though i didn't feel it there... and guess what? they were celebrating my dog's birthday and they had no idea it was MY birthday. I tried to explain and tried to guess if it was just a joke, but nothing. they were just celebrating a dog's birthday. how can you feel if your family that has raised you just forgets about you? oh easy, I can tell you: like a fool.
                                                                                                                                                      your owner,
                                                                                                                                                              highbrowdaisy80 (haha freak did u think u were going to see my name?)

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A very nice plot twist at the end! Even though there are a few mistakes which I saw already marked, I would say that your composition is very well written! Pay attention to those little mistakes, fill in the space where it has to be filled in and eventually get new ideas and you'll improve your writting skills! :-)



I saw some mistakes which are already marked but the composition is good.I think you need to be more careful when you writing.I hope it didn't happen to you.I'm pretty sure your family didn't forget about your birthday and I think you have to treat your birthday as an important one.



I have to say that the plot twist hit me right in the face. Also, I don't think you should be sad about people forgetting your birthday because it marks the years that passed and age doesn't matter that much. Other than the few grammar mistakes, your story is great but kinda sad.



I thoght the plot twist was funny as well as a little heartbreaking. Even though, after some time, your birthday doesn't feel exiting at all... it was definitely a disappointing thing to experience being basically ignored. But hey, think that your dog had the best time in its life and seeing animals happy should make you happy. You should be excited everytime you wake up to a new day. Everyday is important in its way and everyday is an opportunity to learn more. That day you learned that sometimes we have to care more about other things than to care only about ourselves.



I like the plot twist, but I think this is a really sad story that reminded me of something. Nowadays, people put too much accent on animals. It sometimes seems like we don't care about other people anymore but love animals which is not normal. God didn't create us this way. He wants us to take care of each other.



oh, I hope this is just a story and in fact you have never suffered this ... I really liked the way you wrote the text, although there are some minor mistakes.
I really liked the ending, for a second I really thought we would find out who is behind this account !!



I hope that this hasnít actually happened to you because it is just so sad. Honestly that plot twist had me laughing for a bit. And a lot of people forget about their birthdays since their lives are so busy. Also, having an inexplicable feeling on that day itís normal since you just come to the realization that you grew one year older.


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