'' It's going to be an amazing day!" I told myself as I was quitting my appartment. It was a cold, yet a shiny October day, the sky was cloudless which made a perfect contrast with the copper leaves lying on the ground. I caught the bus and was already heading to the university when I felt my bag vibrating. I quickly opened it and grabbed my phone to see the message I just received. It was my best friend, Mia, who was desperately trying to call me. I tapped her number and waited for her to answer. When she finally did and told me what all that rush was about, my jaw fell down. Remember I said it was going to be a good day? Well, I was terribly wrong. There couldn't be anything worse than being paired up with Connor Parker , a typical popular boy whose mind and thoughts were preoccupied with anything but the history project we were told to do. Jesus, why me?
As I reached the huge white building, my university, I rushed inside and ran upstairs as I was nearly late for the first class. When I stormed inside the classroom, I met the angry gaze of our history professor. After a brief argument, I quickly went to find my place. As a supernatural force decided to play with my life, I found myself sitting next to my co-worker. I tried all my best not to talk to him and to listen to what our professor was saying about the Roman Empire, but eventually, I failed because he was constantly joking about our '' union". One more word and he would be sorry for every word he said during those fifty minutes. Fortunately for him, the bell rang and I went in the library to find myself a few books reffering to "our" project- the Greeks.
As I was checking for some information about the Troyan War, a pile of books fell loudly on the table near by me. I looked up, surprised, and saw Connor who sat by the table. I gave him a questioning look but he answered by saying he had always been interested in Greek history. I couldn't quite belive him, but I still had to sit down and " listen " to him...
Well, I have to say that this guy has a very rich knowledge about the ancient nation; he described me in details all the wars the Greeks won or lost, he presented their daily life, their moral values, he named some of the significant figures in their culture whom even I didn't know about. He added that I could check all that both in my and his books as a proof he wasn't lying to me. How on Earth did he know all that?
He told me he had to wear this mask of the " popular boy" because otherwise nobody would speak to him because nobody was interested in his deep knowledge. Nah, standard situation. I confronted him by telling him that if he considers "everybody" to be those beautiful but clueless girls who were always walking in bunches or those older "popular" guys who would appear at university ocassionally, then he must be a fool. There are still people like me or Mia who will appreciate his knowledge, he just needed a bit more of courage to talk to us.
Anyway, we finished our project in three days and by the time we finished its presentation in front of our colleagues and professor, everyone stood up and applauded us. Since that day, Connor always spent the break with me, Mia and other "dorks" so we soon became best friends and the new " elite" of the university.

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