Dear diary,
It's been two days since I came back from an amazing one-week trip in Nordic countries. I will remember it all my life and I'm truly sad it couldn't last longer...
But let's leave the sadness behind because I have a lot to tell you!
As I was saying, it was a trip, one of those my school organizes every year so students can enrich their knowledge and general culture about different countries. This year, our teachers agreed that our destination would be the nordic part of Europe. We decided to visit the four nordic capitals, Oslo in Norway, Stockholm in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland and Copenhagen in Denmark, but we also agreed on going to the western part of Norway in order to see the outstanding fjords. The first four days were spent while sightseeing in the four cities and desperately trying not to be late for the flight to the next one. There was almost every time someone who forgot his passport or the luggage at the hotel, including me, but that's a long story!
I have to tell you that despite those little things, the northern Europe is amazingly beautiful. Even though the four capitals seem to be identical, each of them has something special, something different. For example, Oslo has a City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prize winner is announced every year, while Stockholm was elected as Europe's Cultural Capital in 1998, so its cultural value could be developed by building new theatres, museums and touristic sights which are popular with tourists even nowadays.
But the most thrilling part of our journey were the fjords in Norway. I still feel like I'm standing on the top of a cliff, breathing in the cold air and admiring their phenomenal beauty. Sometimes I wonder how mother nature could do all that... All those sharp edges of the rocks, the sparkling river flowing through the tiny channel... It's just... phenomenal!
Unfortunately, the last three days have passed so quickly we didn't realize it was time to say goodbye to Nordic Europe. All the way home, nobody spoke as everybody felt like they left something there... not the passport or the luggage, but like a part of their soul, something personal...
Anyway, in spite of the fact that the trip ended, we all enjoyed it very much and maybe we will convince our teachers to organize another one the next year with the same destination...
Who knows?

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