Dear diary,

I love watching the rain but i hate walking through it. Yesterday was a mournful day so I couldn't hang out with my friends after  school and I stayed home. First of all, I played with my litt...e sister. She is so sweet and pretty and I love her the most. Then I changed in my comfortable pajamas. Usually, in the morning when I m preparing myself for school, my room gets real....y messy so I  have to clean it when I get home and this take.... me a while because I'm distracted of other things. After that,  I finally eat. Then I just stay on my phone catching up with the world. Sometimes I go to sleep and when I wake up I do my homework. Then I go to sleep. That s it. ....... is boring.

[prea scurt! ar trebui sa adaugi un incident descris in detaliu si mai mult comentariu, pareri despre cele intamplate]

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