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A whole day at home

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It is Sunday, but most importantly is weekend. Today, I planned with my friends to hang out. When I was ready, I received a short message from one of them: ,,Sorry, bro. My mother needs my help and I can come anymore”.
     And like this starts a day in which nothing can be done. I undressed and, because was early I lay on the bad and I slept for 2 hours.
      When I had woken I realize that tomorrow is Monday and I have a lot of homework. I start writhing and it takes me 3 hours. After I have finished, I open the laptop and I start playing computer games all the afternoon.
       The night come and I needed to go to bed. It was a boring day, it had been better if I could hang out with my friends.



Dear diary,
          I was thinking why I like the most the days when I just stay all day long at home,eventually in rainy days and just think about anything. Well,I found an answer for this.In one of the days like this I wake up at 11 or 12 o’clock knowing that it’s ok even if it is that late it’s gonna be a day without any plans.
           After that I go to the bathroom and I brush my teeth and I wash my face and then I go Back  to bed and lay for about 3 hours Which  I spend them watching TV series or watch YouTube videos and eventually look at some artistic photos.
          At 4 I go to the kitchen and eat whatever is in the fridge like an egg or meat with something else and than some fruits and then go back in my room where I just stay and look through the window and read a book and after that I like  discovering  new music. I enjoy a lot that kind of evenings because I spend time with myself and think about the future and my plans and what is gonna happend tomorrow or maybe in 5 years or maybe I just think about the past and all of the memories and remember that I am a lucky person beacause I found the Best people to spend time with which are my friends and I am grateful for that.
In the and of the day I like to take a bath and then go to sleep.
            This is my program when I stay all day long at home.

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hey m8, i think that if u have said in the first place that u were going to hang out with friends(i mean more than one) even though one of them had cancelled the plans u still would have had fun with the other ones... if u find this offensive let me know bcs i wasn't being rude



I like the sincerity in your work and actually the pain and clear way in which you presented your activities, I also enjoyed the comment about your friends, because I like people who value things such as friendship. Nice work 👍


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A whole day at home